Here is the video of the wardrobe malfunction of the Belgian model Debbie, at the India Fashion week in Delhi. This was during Rajesh Pratap Singh’s line up.

And here is the photo of what happened.


Once again, I think the media made a ruckus out of the whole issue. It wasn’t such a big deal, and I’m sure it’ll cool down soon enough.

Pune Rave Party Photos

April 4, 2007

Here are some pictures from the Rave Party in Pune that was stopped by the Police Raid. Also information about the drugs being seized and the racket behind it is in the news pretty regularly.

Just incase any of you are thinking, what these pictures are doing on Stylelane…..I would like to point out the designer wear these people are wearing. (Hot girls. Good clothes. Cameras : Good life ).

Now, new photos (pics) from the party have emerged. The authenticity of the pictures cannot be gauranteed, but these are the images that are making the rounds on the Internet since the last one week. From what I hear, there are videos from the party as well, somewhere on Youtube.

Disclaimer: I do not have ownership of these photos, nor have any proof of authenticity. Source for these photos, are random forums and blogs on the internet. If you know someone from the Pune rave party that the cops caught, maybe you can show them these, ask for authenticity and comment on the blog regarding the same.

Here are the Pune Rave Party photos. Hope this does not become an other scandal. We already have the Carol Gracias video which was a wardrobe malfunction creating enough hype.

The good thing(ahem) is that there is no nudity in any of the following pictures. Less chances of a scandal, i.e.

















I think I may have more pictures of the Rave Party. And will find the video somewhere as well. Will keep you updated.

If you guys find any….let me know….