Pune Rave Party Photos

April 4, 2007

Here are some pictures from the Rave Party in Pune that was stopped by the Police Raid. Also information about the drugs being seized and the racket behind it is in the news pretty regularly.

Just incase any of you are thinking, what these pictures are doing on Stylelane…..I would like to point out the designer wear these people are wearing. (Hot girls. Good clothes. Cameras : Good life ).

Now, new photos (pics) from the party have emerged. The authenticity of the pictures cannot be gauranteed, but these are the images that are making the rounds on the Internet since the last one week. From what I hear, there are videos from the party as well, somewhere on Youtube.

Disclaimer: I do not have ownership of these photos, nor have any proof of authenticity. Source for these photos, are random forums and blogs on the internet. If you know someone from the Pune rave party that the cops caught, maybe you can show them these, ask for authenticity and comment on the blog regarding the same.

Here are the Pune Rave Party photos. Hope this does not become an other scandal. We already have the Carol Gracias video which was a wardrobe malfunction creating enough hype.

The good thing(ahem) is that there is no nudity in any of the following pictures. Less chances of a scandal, i.e.

















I think I may have more pictures of the Rave Party. And will find the video somewhere as well. Will keep you updated.

If you guys find any….let me know….


91 Responses to “Pune Rave Party Photos”

  1. Vishal Says:

    Video Kaha hai bhai?

  2. Vishal Says:

    Can I get de link for video?

  3. aneesh Says:

    Nice work boss. keep going..

  4. Doom Bringer Says:

    What have these OMS lunatics done to my PUNE!

    Grrr….they will pay..will pay for descerating pune.These disgruntled(now) elements should be sent back to the hell from whence they spawned.

  5. Nik Says:

    They’re fake u fags!!!!

  6. kk Says:

    pics are fake… it belongs to some hotel kindda place…
    its surely not PUNE’s RAVE PARTY!!

  7. t.k.t. Says:

    nothing to about thesae giys

  8. tejas Says:

    nothing remains to say about these giys

  9. askininfo Says:

    cool man i think its good to show the real vision new indians,show us video as u catch it
    keep going……

  10. samar Says:

    bhai aaj raat ko to muth maarni padegi ye pics dekh kar….
    saali vo pink top wali jor sexy hai,, sabka no. lagega ek ek karke,, rundiya sali
    or ladko ko dekho saale sab ek se ek bhangi….
    shakal to kutte k lund jaisi hai sab ladko ki or mast mast londiya leke aa gaye

  11. Crap Says:

    What the f–k ! these are fake pics ..they are not from that party… it was an party held by some NRI ! …not even in india !

  12. sunil Says:

    No, I dont thinks in our indian culture will aloow for it, Please dont do in next time & if you are really enjoy then help for Poor children atleast they can Study in India Do not weast Money in this party. Its like Weast money & weast your BRIGHT Future.

  13. Rock Says:

    r these pics real one, or fake,
    even if they are fake and not related to rave party, man its nice collection

    hey if u got the real video of it, let me know..

  14. AguyWhoWas There Says:

    assES do u ppl kno wat a rave is??,,,fuckin pics r fake..and its not like u have orgies in raves…fuck im pissed….i was there… got busted n its all fuckkin gr8

  15. stylelane Says:

    Oh well….seems like AguyWhoWas There has cleared all speculation….

    @AguyWhoWas ; why don’t you send us some pictures?

  16. adi Says:

    nopes..these r not d photos from d rave party..i think these r snaps from a banglore pub on valentines day 07…..they r not frm d rave party for sure…

  17. atmadesh Says:

    cannot be pune rave party….pics are indicating some kinda house or stadium kinda structure with step like seating arrangements ..whereas pune party was in middle of fields..one of the pic is even showing some kinda staircase…somewhere a wooden counter is also seen..cannot be pune

  18. innocent victim Says:

    FAKE FAKE FAKE i was at the pune rave which got busted..and it was not at all an indoor event.. it was an outdoor event.. and raves dont have people in such fancy clothes u idiot.

  19. aj Says:

    i am from pune……i got the invitation luckily but i did not go…….this are the pitchers of the party……many of my friends have been caught in it who are seen in the pitchers…………names and pitchers not to be disclosed……….

  20. pm Says:

    these pics are not from rave party at all these pics from outside india some girls are not even indian and they waring way diffrent cloths then india and indian girls from india they do not carry themselves like this. indian girls from india do not have this kind of features they suck

  21. huzi Says:

    u idiots these are not the rave party snaps….i was mailed these snaps the first time sayin they were dell bangalore party snaps and the othr time sayin they are rave party snaps…are u guys so dumb that u believe this shit…anyways these snaps don look like of any party in india…im sure the ppl who believe it haven been to any kind of party in india!!!

  22. spiritualpie Says:

    these r fake pics!!!!

  23. mandy Says:

    U asshole, they are pix of elsewhere!!!!….looks nuthing like Indian crowd….go screw urself!!…(u r an insult)

  24. kenie Says:

    woh! definately would like to know more bout it.

  25. stylelane Says:

    you’re not the only one who wants to know more buddy 🙂

    I’ve heard lots of stories. waiting for someone to said it out loud.

  26. kumarsez Says:

    These pics are fake… And one day someone might just speak out.. if people like you are not so dumb and inaccurate..

  27. rads Says:

    dude..this is not from the rave party….u are mistaken..i had these pics b4 the party..this is from a party in the UK…

  28. anonymous Says:

    i got these pictures summed up as dell party..

  29. Nash Says:

    what the fuck is this? i know How indian Rave partie goesup these are fake…..

  30. Romio Says:

    Please Submitt more photos.
    As well as Try to submitt photos of other Rave Parties.

  31. sanu Says:

    Dude, this PICS are real fake!!!this is not pune rave party

  32. Witness Says:

    Lol how retarded are you man…. These pics aren’t from the pune rave or ANY rave for that matter…. Dude you have no conception of what a rave is…. Just like all the other ignorant fucking idiots who actually believe that all kinds of crazy sex goes on at raves…. And the guy who commented about jacking off what a fucking moron…. No wonder you’re jacking off you could never get a woman…. These pics are fake and the guy who posted these is a liar…. You ignorant fools believe everything that the sensation hungry media feeds you…. I don’t know if anybody saw the real pics but if you have and you can point out even one girl with any skin showing i’ll eat my words…. It was outdoors in March it was cold you fucking morons…. Why would anyone dress skimpy in such cold weather???? You idiots don’t use your own brains and make it your job to comment on the lives of others even when it’s evident that these same others don’t really give a shit whether you live or die…. Hahahaha you guys are so full of shit…. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Ignorant morons….

  33. Your papa Says:

    abey chootiye samar…. saale gandu muth hi maarta rahega toh teri biwi bhi tujhe nahin chodegi…. lagta hai tujhe gaand ka shauk hai…. Aise hi chalte rah tera kutta tujhhe zaroor kuchh na kuchh to de dega…. Aur woh “kutte ki land ki shakal waale laundon” london mein party kar rahein hai aur tu…. unki photo dekh ke muthh maar raha hai…. Pathetic…. Saale shayad woh teri photo dekh ke tatti kar dein…. and yeah top credit to “stylelane” (whatever that means) for taking advantage of the incredibly gullible shitheads that visit your site (I was one until I saw this pic so..) by feeding them this crock of bull to push up your hits…. You’re lame dude…. I can see a lot of people above who have protested that the pics are fake but obviously you don’t need facts before you make statements…. You represent all that’s wrong with the internet…. Just like that doom bringer guy said about the ravers…. except that he’s short sighted because he’s offended by something he would never even have heard about or been affected by if not for our craving to hear of other people’s trouble…. All you fucking hypocrites need a lesson in freedom…. I just wish somebody who was there actually had the courage to go out there and SUE YOU BUDDY!!!! I know I wold have…. This is defamation you fucking criminal….

  34. anger Says:

    the dude who put pics is a total asshole wid a capital A …..do u guys actually believe that those orgy pics were taken at the da rave…. r u guys reely dat dumb???…. thers sum dude sayin dat he was invited to da party and da pics r not fke cuz der r sum of his frenz present at dat party….. r u an idiot … do u even noe wat happnd der. get ure facts rite u son of a bitch and den have the balls to write sumthin dat only states da truth. i totally agree wid ” witness says” he feels da agony like many of us do and reely wishes to bitch slap dese stupid fucks who have no clue bout da actual rave bust in pune.dude i noe it huirts but dese guys r lame motherfuckers who have alt of tym to kill and start puttin up anyshit to just for a kick without considering da fact it was a nightmare for all da kids in dat rave and not a sex orgy!!!! ignorant chutiyas!!!!!!

  35. anger Says:

    the dude who put these pics up is a total asshole wid a capital A …..do u guys actually believe that those orgy pics were taken at the da rave…. r u guys reely dat dumb???…. thers sum dude sayin dat he was invited to da party and da pics r not fke cuz der r sum of his frenz present at dat party….. r u an idiot … do u even noe wat happnd der. get ure facts rite u son of a bitch and den have the balls to write sumthin dat only states da truth. i totally agree wid ” witness says” he feels da agony like many of us do and reely wishes to bitch slap dese stupid fucks who have no clue bout da actual rave bust in pune.dude i noe it huirts but dese guys r lame motherfuckers who have alt of tym to kill and start puttin up shit just for a kick without considering da fact it was a nightmare for all da kids in dat rave and not a sex orgy!!!! ignorant chutiyas!!!!!!

  36. saale sab ke sab chutiya nand hai laude k baal.
    choot k halaal.
    kyu time pass karte ho kaam dhanda chhodkar harami laudo.
    kaam nahi hai to jaa ke gand marao apni kuch paise to bhi milenge.
    matherchodo, bhenchodo, saale sab ke sab lund fakeer aur choot k bhoot hai harami launde.

  37. Cyber Police Says:

    This is cyber police … you all are arrested

  38. ranjit Says:


  39. rohit Says:

    abe chutiye…….this is no rave these guys look like fucked in the head teenagers at some disc has this dude ever been to any :”rave” fuckers like these give the whole psy culture a bad name if you wanna see what a rave party looks like go to flickr and see the BOOM FESTIVAL 2006 photos of course i have a whole lot of pictures of indian parties but i would definitely not put my friends at risk by posting them on the net

  40. sisoda Says:

    abe bhosad chodoon….tumhari
    gaand phad doonga…bus yeho bolna tha…
    tumhari gandi gandi batoon ko pad kar…mera lauda sisoda ho gaya…..mein sisoda lauda hoon…tum kya ho????….apni maa se poocho

  41. we have come to knw that “witness” “anger” and “your papa” are the same hosts…this is not allowed…jst to give ur statement validity u cannot do smthin so low….

  42. sisodalauda Says:

    cyberpolice ur hurtin my sisoda lauda feelin…people’s sentiments are being hurt here…tera bhi sisoda kar doonga……

  43. dj satya Says:

    live and let live we dont troubel anyone we find like that type of place were only peace like in forest or somwere els only phy lovers will b there the fuckin cheap ppl comes over there n they try to bust the party thats it its not complsry 2 have drugs n then only u can njoy the party so b kool musik rocks

  44. anon Says:

    ok herez the deal. as we all know by the ever publised events of the scandalous party tht was held in pune, the point and that u can well clarify is that it was an “outdoor” party by outdoor i mean to say that is was in the setting over fields surrounded by hills. i was there i ought to know. the pictures that u are fabricating here are of a party which took place “indoors” ie. within four walls as u can clearly see. i would be grateful if u could just stop the nonsence tht has become of it even a year down the line. you are all intellegent, educated people, don’t believe everything tht the press tells u. put two and two together and u will see that the party was not as it was shown to be.

  45. yogesh Says:

    Hi Dear All,
    is there any place in delhi where rave parties going on regularly is there any place plz told me…….

  46. dg Says:

    i would like to participate, 1.15 hrs stamina of fucking

  47. saurabh Says:

    sexy girls thats why police banned on rave party

  48. Rony Says:

    hey buddy,
    can u sent me all the pic of this site.
    realy good photos.

  49. vishxxx Says:

    tell me more abot rave party and uplod the video

  50. smash Says:

    Why do I see so many Africans in the pics? Are they the drug runners or do Indian women have a thing for black muscles?

  51. Hey,

    Nver been to raves but would like attend some.Dont know whether it’s original or fake,but surely looks like loads of fun.Hmmm cool party and yummy chicks.Swarg hai to baas yahi 😦 par mein kaaha hu

  52. Anjum syed shadab Says:

    what about those who had been left on right moment to paid money to the police. dont u have those pics

  53. Anjum syed shadab Says:

    And what abouth those who had been left on the right moment to paid money to the police. dont u have that photos…

  54. vijay Says:

    great fun here in rave party

  55. denish Says:

    this is the life man
    i was present in that party

  56. denish Says:

    this is the life man

    i was in that party

  57. Arjun Says:

    the police wanted to fuck for free….without buying the drink… the girls refused and everybody was arrested..hah ah hah

  58. amit Says:

    Hi im vry strong boy age 23 .if any like sex or some more reply mi on no.only girls.9860164845

  59. Vikash Says:

    Hey great enjoyment…
    can you tell me more about it….
    and what is expenditure…

  60. Karan Says:

    Wht a fucking false pics posted by loodu. Itis iindoor party going on i think the way they look like sri lankans saaley. When pune party happened bust out it was march and temp was very low. Its in sianghad not in indoor.\

  61. hitendra Says:

    i wanna girl to fuck

  62. lond Says:

    i do lov choodai party, choocghi sucking

  63. krishna Says:

    nice n hot pics. I luv these….

  64. Shailendra Kumnar Mishra, R.A. Says:

    I want to fuck these girls

  65. Shan ali Says:

    Yar ye rave party me chudai karne ka mera man v bahat karta h yar koi meri v help karo plz my mail id: shanali099@gmail.com

  66. rampalsingh Says:

    shanoli main bhi chut chodna chahta hu apni chut chudwaogi kya

  67. i m nick i want to join rev party

  68. Shan ali Says:

    Hi every one m also new hear plz ad me

  69. Shakti Dalvi Says:

    I like

  70. Marylyn Says:

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  72. kapil Says:

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  73. Debojyol paul Says:

    I want to b a part of it

  74. Shanghai Says:

    I like these photos of rave parties

  75. raj Says:

    when is the next party

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    I am interested in u r rave party I am in pune

  82. Panam Says:

    me also interested Panam_magic@yahoo.co .in

  83. b s thami Says:

    Nice pic i wich mor den mor

  84. Amol Talele Says:

    Very bad image pune person bad habit

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