Carol Gracias’s wardrobe malfunction video, Lakme India Fashion Week

December 1, 2006

Carol is also part of this show called Big Boss, a Reality TV show in India on Sony TV.

This video was part of the Lakme India Fashion Week this year. Blooper.
Carol Gracious is one of the top models in India also probably one of the highest paid.


17 Responses to “Carol Gracias’s wardrobe malfunction video, Lakme India Fashion Week”

  1. Manila Says:

    she is very sexy with nice tight boobs

  2. manik Says:

    She can best bed partner for whole night, boobs is too nice.

  3. tasha Says:

    people just need to grow of that old age controversies…n just move on with life…

  4. samara Says:

    this is so weird how ppl r creatin a big issue outta this..diz is sumthin which cud happen to any models..walkin on da ramp millions of times wearin heavy jewelry n uncomfy clothes r no joke..i don knw why ppl cant forget this matter..dey just need sumthin to talk abt datz all..shame on doze who r still watchin da video n findin it arousing..get a life u guys

  5. stylelane Says:

    I totally agree samara…
    People need to get a life !

  6. […] are the Pune Rave Party photos. Hope this does not become an other scandal. We already have the Carol Gracias video which was a wardrobe malfunction creating enough […]

  7. Sushil Says:

    I agree with samara that the people should forget it but those dont forget who are from so cheap and cultural society where its very big ho ha ha . Indian will forget it only when they are habitual to watch such kind of things

  8. […] the buzz is to be believed Kangana appears top less in this film! Taking a cue from Carol Gracia’s infamous wardrobe malfunction Madhur has canned a similar scene on Kangana where she drops her top while walking on the ramp. […]

  9. aakash Says:

    what is wrong in appreciating beauty, i dont think samara is correct in saying get a life.

  10. Jojo Says:

    I think this is so unappropriate! I mean peeps, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves! I don’t think this is such a big deal, I’ve seen many malfunctions on telly and so on and so forth. But in India, I can only imagine what the poor girl went through and still is going through! The worst thing is how the Indian peeps/media reacted! I mean, what happened to all their bloody culture? How about sparing the girl a bit and cutting her some slack?!? How would you feel if it was your mother, sister, girlfriend, wife or daughter? Would it still be beauty then Aakash??? What the heck?! This is so like pervertism… It’s sickening to see that there’s both girls and boys out here who’re ready to point fingers at a poor model’s malfunction. I just think it’s so ridiculous… There’s something absolutely wrong if you’re sitting somewhere and actually enjoying this… I mean the poor girl is marked for life probably. Who knows… God knows like I know how the Indian mentality is like… She probably won’t or can’t even settle down in life because of this nonsence. It’s bullocks! And like seriously there’s something totally messed up in your upbringing if you’re finding this exciting! It’s just yuk! I’m ashamed that there’s such people in this world… Might as well go jump off a cliff somewhere!

  11. thanks for sharing the video.

  12. […] are the Pune Rave Party photos. Hope this does not become an other scandal. We already have the Carol Gracias video which was a wardrobe malfunction creating enough […]

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