New advertising medium – a movie!

November 27, 2006

A hair cut like Shahrukh, Salman or Hrithik, now dress up like them!

According to experts in the industry, Bollywood and Hollywood heavily influence the fashion terrain. Other than advertisement through various media level, the big fashion houses are taking the advantage of the filmi route for the publicity of their brands.

Movie lovers tend to pick up style ideas of the actors. The biggest fashion trend in the world always began with an actor or a movie. It makes sense for mainstream garment brands to tie up with films that reflect the personalities of their labels.

Now the fashion brands instead of relying only on the traditional forms of advertising, convey their ideas through atmosphere of the story. A movie is like a three-hour advertisement for the brand with the opportunity of showcasing an ample collection dressed in by different actors in the movie.

The line of clothing worn by the actors includes ties, shirts, designer saris, dresses that had a lot of colour, shimmer and were created for corporate, leisure, evening and workwear.


One Response to “New advertising medium – a movie!”

  1. JV Says:

    What is worst, in some cases name of products are included in the dialouges, locations. Krissh is latest example of this.

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